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Mainframe Coaching and Mentoring Toolbox

1-2-3-4-5 Powerful Tools!

This array of tools enables your senior mainframe computing personnel to be superior mainframe coaches and mentors and arms them to achieve maximum coaching and mentoring results with minimum time or effort required from their already busy schedules:

  • Mainframe Coaching & Mentoring Course

    A powerful elearning course to train your Managers and senior mainframe personnel in the science, techniques and skills essential in effective Coaching and Mentoring.
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  • Mainframe Coaching & Mentoring - Class & Webinar Developer

    Provides your Coaches and Mentors with an extensive resource of in-house mainframe Classroom courses or Webinars as ready-to-use, customizable PowerPoint decks.
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  • Mainframe Coaching and Mentoring – Enhanced Learning Pathways

    Provides your Coaches/Mentors with an array of mainframe topic specific, learning pathways that define targeted, blended, training initiatives to help you create a customized Mainframe Bootcamp!
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  • Mainframe Coaching & Mentoring - Sandbox Exercise Coach’s Notes

    Detailed notes and answer keys enabling mainframe Coaches and Managers to understand the aims, goals and content of each set of Mainframe Training Sandbox Exercises (Labs).
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  • Mainframe Coaching and Mentoring – LMS Communicator

    An integral part of the Interskill Learning Management System that enables learners to message their designated internal coach or mentor with questions or concerns before or after each course module.
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