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z/OS Architecture


4 hours


The z/OS Architecture course examines the logical architecture of a z/OS system. It looks at the use and structure of the Program Status Word (PSW), the different types of interrupts handled by the system, and how they are invoked. It also describes the concepts and use of virtual storage and how it relates to address spaces within the system. Finally, it identifies the functions used by the System Resource Manager to balance and maximize system performance.


Technical support personnel and senior programmers who require knowledge of z/Architecture for use in planning, problem resolution, and advanced programming techniques


Completion of the z/OS Concepts and Components course and knowledge of data processing concepts


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Identify the purposes of different bits in the PSW
  • Identify the different interruption types
  • recognise the way supervisor routines get control to handle interruptions
  • Identify virtual storage components and their elements
  • recognise the method used to translate virtual addresses into real addresses
  • Identify the names and purposes of the areas and regions in the z/OS address space
  • recognise functions performed by SRM in relation to balancing system loads
  • Display and alter message processing facility settings

Course Content

The Program Status Word

PSW Formats
PSW Bits

Interruption Processing

Interruption Processing
Different Interruption Types

Virtual Storage

Virtual Storage Concepts
Address Translation

The z/OS Address Space

Common and Private Storage *
Address Space Regions *

The System Resources Manager

The System Resources Manager
SRM Functions

z/OS Architecture Mastery Test

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