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Introduction to zEnterprise - EC12, BC12 and zBX


5 hours


This course describes how the zEnterprise system manages workloads across heterogeneous platforms and describes the components that comprise and support this system.


The first module in this is course is appropriate for anyone requiring an overview of the zEnterprise system, while other modules are specifically for Operators, System Programmers or System Administrators that require a technical understanding of the EC12, BC12, zBX, Unified Resource Manager and HMC components.


A basic understanding of mainframe data processing concepts.


After completing this course the student will be able to:

  • Explain the benefits associated with the zEnterprise system
  • Describe the function of EC12, BC12, zBX and Unified Resource Manager components
  • Identify the components that comprise a typical EC12 and BC12 system
  • Describe the features of the zBX
  • List the HMC features available with the zEnterprise system

Course Content

Introduction to the zEnterprise

A study of today's Data Center hardware and software structures
How zEnterprise breaks down traditional barriers
Big picture - EC12, BC12, zBX and the Unified Resource Manager
General network connectivity for the zEnterprise

zEnterprise CPC Hardware

EC12 models and capacity configurations
Comparing the EC12 and z196
Introduction to the EC12 hardware
Role and overview of the BC12
zEnterprise I/O system structure

zBX and Platform Integration

zBX functionality and configuration
Unified Resource Manager functions
zBX blade configurations
Using zAware to monitor system health

The zEnterprise Hardware Management Console

Configuration of the primary and alternate HMC
HMC Roles
Ensemble configuration tasks
Monitoring ensemble activity

Introduction to zEnterprise Mastery Test

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