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Introduction to the IBM Z Mainframes


7 hours


This course discusses how world trends are affecting many aspects of IBM Z mainframes created today, with several case studies being presented that explain the benefits organisations are gaining from their implementation. An in-depth look inside the z13, and entry-level z13s mainframes, as well as the premier z14 mainframe are provided, highlight many features and components that are required to keep today's businesses securely running 24 x7. An overview of the zBX distributed environment is also provided, explaining how it can be integrated with the mainframe. Details of the LinuxONE system, IBM's current all-Linux mainframe, is covered, explaining its value in today's IT landscape.


The first module in this is course is appropriate for anyone requiring an overview of the IBM Z mainframes and their purpose, while the remaining modules are specifically for Operators, System Programmers or System Administrators that require a technical understanding of the z14, z13, z13s, zBX, Unified Resource Manager and HMC components, and LinuxONE.


A basic understanding of mainframe data processing concepts.


After completing this course the student will be able to:

  • Explain the benefits associated with the z Systems mainframes
  • Describe the function of z14, z13, z13s, zBX and LinuxONE mainframes
  • Identify the components that comprise a typical mainframe
  • Describe the features of the zBX
  • List the tasks performed by the Hardware Management Console (HMC)
  • Describe the benefits of implementing a LinuxONE mainframe

Course Content

The Mainframe and your Organization

Trends driving mainframe server use
Types of mainframe servers and who they cater for
Integral components that connect to the mainframe

z14 Mainframe

z14 models
Ensuring capacity needs
z14 and pervasive encryption
z14 and future workloads - Apache Spark, Machine Learning and Analytics
Introduction to the z14 hardware
Processor and memory upgrade options
I/O infrastructure

z13 Components and Configuration

z13 models
Temporary and permanent capacity upgrades
Comparing the z13 to previous enterprise mainframe servers
Introduction to the z13 hardware
Processor and memory upgrade options
Role and overview of entry-level z13s mainframe
I/O system structure

zBX and Platform Integration

zBX functionality and configuration
Unified Resource Manager functions
zBX blade configurations
Using zAware to monitor system health

The Hardware Management Console

Configuration of the primary and alternate HMC
Dynamic Partition Manager (DPM)
HMC Roles
Ensemble configuration tasks
Monitoring ensemble activity

Introduction to LinuxONE

Factors driving Linux use
Evolution of Linux within IBM
LinuxONE and its potential benefits
LinuxONE case studies
LinuxONE configurations and hardware
Virtualization within LinuxONE

Introduction to the IBM Z Mainframes Mastery Test

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