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z/VSE for Operators


4 hours


The z/VSE for Operators course looks at z/VSE from an Operations viewpoint, describing how they access the system and perform startup and shutdown processing. A description of common operator tasks, and the commands used to display, monitor, and resolve problems associated with the z/VSE system are also provided.


This course is suitable for Operations and Administration staff responsible for monitoring and managing the z/VSE environment.


Completion of the z/VSE Basics course, or equivalent knowledge.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Access a z/VSE console and interact with the z/VSE system
  • IPL and shutdown a z/VSE system
  • Describe commands used to display and modify z/VSE components

Course Content

Using the z/VSE Console

Operator and Administrator Interfaces to z/VSE
Accessing the z/VSE Console

Starting and Stopping z/VSE

IPL of the z/VSE System
Interacting with z/VSE during IPL
Shutting Down the z/VSE System

Common z/VSE Operator Tasks

Controlling Job Execution
Managing Printers
Displaying System Activity
Displaying Active Users
Controlling CICS Tasks
Controlling VTAM Tasks
Controlling TCP/IP Tasks

z/VSE for Operators Mastery Test

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