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REXX Programming II for VSE


2 hours


The REXX Programming II for VSE course explains how to produce a structured REXX program and execute it in the VSE environment.


Programmers who require more advanced REXX programming skills


Completion of the Programming in REXX I course and knowledge of the fundamentals of REXX programming


    After completing this course, the student will be able to identify:
  • How to write a structured REXX program, including the BLK_INIT, BLK_CALC, and BLK_SHOW procedures
  • How error messages are added

Course Content

Writing a Structured REXX Program

BLKSIZE Calculator as an Example Program
Structure of BLKSIZE EXEC and Parameters
Calculating Variables and Constants
Finished Program

The BLK_INIT Procedure

Subroutine BLK_INIT
Validate Input Parameters
Coding the Parameters
Return Codes

The BLK_CALC Procedure

How BLKSIZE Is Calculated
Arithmetic Functions

The BLK_SHOW Procedure

SAY Keyword
Formatting Displays
End/ Return Statement

Adding Error Messages

Setting Up Error Codes
Select an Alternate Action

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