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VSE Operations II


4 hours


The VSE Operations II course explains the more advanced operating commands, including Supervisor Program commands and VAE.


VSE operators and application and system programmers requiring advanced knowledge of VSE operations


Completion of the VSE Operations course or knowledge of the VSE operating system and commands


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Identify how to IPL the system
  • recognise the commands that can be used at the time of IPLing
  • recognise operator commands
  • recognise Job Control Program commands
  • Identify how to manipulate the system to ensure smooth performance
  • Define data spaces and how they are created
  • Define virtual disks and how they are created

Course Content

Operator Commands and IPL Commands

IPL Commands - Entry of IPL Commands
Function of the Main Commands and Operands

Job Control Program Commands

Commands Read by Job Control Program
When to Enter these Commands
Functions and Operands for

  • CLOSE Command
  • DVCDN/ DVCUP Command
  • MTC Command
  • RESET Command
  • ROD Command

Supervisor Program Commands and VAE

When to Enter these Commands
Functions and Operands for the:

  • DUMP Command
  • MSG Command
  • NEWVOL Command
  • REPLID Command
  • ALLOC Command
  • CANCEL Command
  • LOG Command
  • MAP/ SYSLOG MAP Command
  • PRTY Command
  • SIZE Command
  • START Command

Virtual Addressability Extensions and Parameters Required

Introduction to Data Spaces

What Is a Data Space?
Reason for Using Data Spaces

Introduction to Virtual Disks

What is Virtual Disk?
Reason for Using Virtual Disk
VDISK Command

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