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VSE Operations I


3 hours


The VSE Operations I course explains message structure and how to monitor the System Log. It also lists the basic operating commands.


Computer room personnel who need to operate the VSE system efficiently and other personnel who require knowledge about the operator’s roles and responsibilities


Knowledge of the VSE operating system


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • recognise the roles and responsibilities of a computer operator
  • Identify system messages and their required actions
  • Identify the operator procedure for starting partitions
  • Identify how to print the hard copy file

Course Content

An Operator's Perspective

The Operator’s Responsibilities

Records and Files, IPL

Label Information on Records and Files
File Protection

Messages and Operator Commands

System Messages – Action, Decision, Information, and Eventual Operator to System Communications

Procedures, Starting Partitions, and SYSLOG

Create System Recorder File
Printing Hard Copy File
Starting Background, Foreground Partitions

Print Form Buffers

Loading Form and Character Buffers
LFCB Command
LUCB Command

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