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JCL - Advanced VSE Job Control


5 hours


The JCL - Advanced VSE Job Control course explains advanced JCL techniques. It describes coding a job stream, complex DLBL statements, conditional JCL, and the LIBDEF and LIBDROP statements.


Operators, programmers, and other personnel who require knowledge of JCL


Completion of the JCL Basic VSE Job Control course or knowledge of the VSE and the operating system


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Define the function of JCL
  • recognise the parameters and options that can be used with JCL
  • recognise the correct format for coding parameters
  • Identify how JCL statements are used to select required job attributes
  • recognise return codes and their values
  • Identify how symbolic parameters are used

Course Content

Standard Labels

Standard Labels
External and Internal Labels
VOL1 Label Information Area
Standard Labels and Operands

The LIBDEF and LIBDROP Statements

The Functions of the LIBDEF Statement
Search Chain
LIBDEF Operands
The Functions of the LIBDROP Statement
LIBDROP Operands
The Functions and Operands of the LIBLIST Statement

Coding a Job Stream

How to Code a Job Stream, Step by Step, With Instructions

Coding a Job Stream to Execute a Program

Coding a Job Stream to Execute a program
Components of a Job Stream
JCL, Job Step, JCP, Exec Statement, /, and JECL
Submitting Jobs
Executing a Program
Online/ Batch Processing

Conditional JCL

GOTO Statement
LABEL Statement
ON Statement
IF Statement
SETPARM Statement
Symbolic Parameters
Return Codes

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