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CICS for VSE Operators


3 hours


The CICS for VSE Operators course explains CICS concepts and facilities from startup procedures to an orderly shutdown. It also describes CICS commands and display messages.


Experienced VSE operators and other personnel who require knowledge about controlling and entering CICS commands


Knowledge of VSE


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Define the concept of CICS and databases
  • Differentiate between inquiry and update transactions
  • recognise CICS commands
  • recognise the various display messages and abbreviations

Course Content


How CICS works
What is DB/DC

Components of a CICS System

Online, Inquiry, Update, and Data Entry
Message Switching
Transactions and Tasks

CICS Intercommunication and Transactions

Intercommunication between Systems
Multi-Region Operation (MRO)
Inter-System Communication (ISC)
CICS Supplied Transactions

CICS Startup Procedures

Start Up Options
Restart Data Set
Start Up Messages for CICS Start

CICS Shutdown Procedures

CEMT I TASK Command and Response
Orderly Shutdown Procedure

CICS Commands

INQUIRE Command and Parameters
PERFORM Command and Parameters
SET Command and Parameters

Display Explanations

Display Data Set Information
Display Program Information
Display Terminal Information
Display Tasks Information
Display Transactions Information

A Test on CICS for VSE Operators

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