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Tandem Transaction Application Language


4 hours


The Transaction Application Language course explains the basics of the Tandem Application Language (TAL). It describes how to code TAL programs. It also explores program structure, syntax, and commands.


Personnel requiring the ability to code in Tandem Transaction Application Language (TAL)


Programming technique and knowledge of the Tandem system


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Define the basics of TAL programming
  • Identify how to code TAL programs

Course Content

Introduction to TAL Programming, Part 1

Structure of a TAL Program
Basic Rules of TAL Syntax
Some Commonly Used TAL Syntax
Some Commonly Used TAL Procedures

  • Comments
  • Begin/ End Pairs
  • Variables
  • External Procedures
  • Integers
  • Global Variables
  • Local Variables
  • Assign Statement
  • Arithmetic Operations
  • Myterm
  • Open Procedure
  • Write Procedure
  • Read Procedure
  • If Then Else Statement
  • Stop Procedure

Compiling a Program

Introduction to TAL Programming, Part 2

String Variables
Layout of a TAL Program
TAL – Structs, Substructs
TAL – STARTUP message
One Way Interprocess Communication - the Caller, the Receiver

Introduction to TAL Programming, Part 3

Two Way Interprocess Communication

  • The Requester
  • Replying, the Server

TAL Error Processing on File Operations


Types of Disk Files

  • Entry Sequenced Files
  • Key Sequenced Files
  • Key Position Procedure
  • Relative Files
  • Structured Files
  • Partitioned Files

Direct and Indirect Variables

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