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Tandem Service Management Introduction


5 hours


The Tandem Service Management Introduction course explains the client/server applications and software for the Himalaya S-Series Server. It also describes maintenance, service tools, and trouble-shooting.


Personnel requiring a working knowledge of Tandem Service Management


Basic computer knowledge


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Identify the client/ server applications and software for the Himalaya S-Series Server
  • Identify how to maintain and service tools, and solve basic problems

Course Content

Tandem Service Management, Part 1

TSM Client/ Server Software Components
Powering on the Workstation
Starting TSM Client Tasks
Starting the TSM Application
Logging on to the TSM Application
TSM Application Service Connection Task
Non-stop Kernel User Access Privileges
TSM Views – Physical View of a Server
Physical View of an Enclosure using the Connection View
Inventory View

Tandem Service Management, Part 2

Viewing Alarms and Attributes
Finding a Resource
The Actions Dialog Box
Actions Permissions

Tandem Service Management, Part 3

Monitoring the System and Identifying Problems
The TSM EMS Event Viewer Application

  • What is an Event?
  • What are Event Messages?
  • What are EMS Event Logs?
  • How to use the TSM EMS Event Viewer Application
  • Start the TMS Event Viewer

Tandem Service Management, Part 4

Scanning for Alarms Using the TSM Service Application
Viewing All Alarms in the Himalaya S-Series Server

  • Sorting Alarms
  • Deleting Alarms
  • Problems and their Definitions
  • Alarm Detail
  • Scanning for Alarms

Checking Processor Status
Checking Attributes of a Resource
Checking TSM Status Messages
Windows NT Event Viewer Window
Filtering TSM Status Messages
Getting Detailed Information on a Message
Saving a Copy of the Status Log to Disk

Tandem Service Management, Part 5

Using the TSM Configuration Application

  • When to Use It
  • Starting it

Performing Configuration Tasks
Configuring the Himalaya S-Series Server

  • Service Provider Access
  • TSM Security

Defining Users
Starting a TACL Terminal Emulator Session

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