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The Linux File System


5 hours


The Linux File System course describes the file structure within the Linux environment and explains how files are accessed, displayed and manipulated. Details of security measures in relation to Linux files is also provided. A number of general tasks associated with monitoring and managing the Linux file system are also discussed.


System operators and other personnel requiring knowledge of hierarchical file systems and the manipulation of files under Linux


Basic knowledge of Linux


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the structure of a hierarchical file system
  • Enter basic file system navigation and manipulation commands
  • Explain how file permissions and security are implemented
  • Identify how a Linux file system is managed

Course Content

File System Basics

The Concept of Files
The Linux File System
Displaying File Attributes
Copying, Moving and Removing Files
Linking Files

Navigating the File System

Commonly Used Linux Directories
Path Names
Directory Commands
Using the FIND Utility

File System Security

File System Security Measures
File and Directory Permissions
Permission Manipulation
User Profiles and Permissions

File System Management Utilities

General File System Housekeeping Utilities
Displaying Disk Space Usage
Searching for Files and Directories
Linux Backup and Compression Utilities
Defining User Space Quotas

The Linux File System Mastery Test

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