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Introduction to Linux


5 hours


The Introduction to Linux course provides you with an overview of the Linux operating system and describes how it is used in today's System z environment. Information on interfaces used to access the Linux environment and standard communication tools are also discussed.


System operators and other personnel new to the Linux environment




    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Identify the landmarks in a brief history of the Linux Operating System
  • recognise the user interface and common commands
  • Identify shell syntax, usage, and utilities
  • Identify how to communicate with other users in a multiuser system

Course Content

Getting Started with Linux

A Brief History of Linux
General Linux Distributions
Using the BASH Interface
Accessing Linux Documentation

Using the Shell

What is a Shell
Commonly Used Shells
Understanding Shell Command Syntax
Entering Commands
Redirecting Command Output
Using Pipes to Capture Output
Specifying File Names as Arguments

Shell Utilities

Displaying File Data Using the CAT Command
Printing File Content
Manipulating File Text
Searching and Sorting Data
Comparing File Contents
Merging File Data

Communicating With Other Users

Multi-User Communication Facilities
Using Linux Email
Accessing Mail Using Microsoft Outlook
Using Alternate Email Programs

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