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JES3 Concepts and Commands


9 hours


The JES3 Concepts and Commands course introduces the JES3 subsystem. It describes the JES3 input, main output, and expanded services available, and examines the commands used to start, display, maintain, and shut down the JES3 subsystem.


Operators of JES3 systems and other personnel requiring knowledge of JES3


Basic knowledge of the MVS system


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Define the concepts of a JES3 system
  • recognise the various job stages
  • recognise the JES3 commands to start, stop, control, and monitor the system
  • recognise the JES3 commands to control output and printers

Course Content

Introduction to Spooling and JES3

Overview of JES3
Spooling Jobs
Job Control Table
Job Segment Scheduler

JES3 Input Services

Reader Phase
Control Student Processing Phase
Converter Service
Interpreter Service

JES3 Main Services

Main Device Scheduling Setup
Job Setup
Highwater Setup
Verify Queue
Explicit Setup
Fetch Queue
Waitvol Queue

JES3 Output Services

Job Data Set Blocks
Output Service Elements
Sysout Classes
Output Service Queue (WTR)
External Writer Queue (HOLD)

JES3 Expanded Services

Deadline Scheduling
Dependent Job Control
JES3 Networking
Recovery Management
Remote Jobs Processing

JES3 Utilities and Initialization

Hot Start
Local Start
Cold Start
Warm Start
Warm Start with Analysis (WA)
Tape to Printer (TP)
Tape to Tape (TT)
Dump Job (DJ)
Tape Dump (TD)
Tape Label (TL)

JES3 Command Format, Part 1

Introduction to the Command Format

JES3 Command Format, Part 2

Inquire Commands
Job Inquiry Command
Job Output Inquiry Command
Device Inquiry Command

JES3 Command Format, Part 3

Job Modification
Job Output Modification

JES3 Command Format, Part 4

Vary Command

ESA – Changes To JES3 Commands

U Command Parameters
New Default for the OUTPUT Parameter of the *CALL
DJ Command and Some Deleted Commands

A Test on JES3 lessons

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