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Java on z/OS for Java Programmers


1 hour


This course is designed for Java programmers who need to port their skills and knowledge to Java in a z/OS environment. It explains how Java uses features associated with z/OS UNIX, and is supported by Java Software Development Kit. A step-through showing how Java programs are compiled and run in the z/OS environment confirms the similarities between this platform and other Java-enabled environments. You will also see how Java programs can be invoked from batch, CICS, IMS, Db2, and WebSphere.


This course is suitable for programmers that need to work with Java in a z/OS environment.


Solid knowledge of Java Programming, and an understanding of the z/OS environment.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • How Java programs are compiled and run in a z/OS environment
  • The z/OS specific tools and resources available to Java
  • Course Content

    Java on z/OS for Java Programmers

    Java and z/OS UNIX
    Compiling a Java Program on z/OS
    z/OS Specific Classes Used by Java
    Methods Used for Running Java Programs on z/OS
    Java Software Development Kit
    EBCDIC and ASCII Issues

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