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RPG/400 Coding


3 hours


The RPG/400 Coding course explains the fundamental Report Program Generator (RPG) operation codes that enable programmers to manage field values, perform numeric operations, and manipulate dates for retrieval and viewing.


Personnel requiring knowledge of RPG/400 coding


Knowledge of data processing, programming concepts, and the iSeries operating system


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • recognise the essentials of arithmetic operations and the parts of the C specification by using the ADD operation
  • Define the functioning of the MOVE and the MOVEL operations
  • Identify how to code arithmetic operations SUB, MULT, DIV, MVR, and Z-ADD
  • recognise RPG/400 figurative constants and the correct usage of date and time functions

Course Content

Calculation Specifications

Calculation Specification Operations:

  • File Processing
  • Calculations
  • Data Manipulation

Field and Indicator Settings
Calculation Specification Opcodes
C SPEC Coding Example

Operation Codes - ADD as an Introduction

ADD Operation Code
Internal Working Area
How to Calculate the Size of the Result Field

Operation Codes - Rounding and Resulting Indicators

Purpose and Effect of Rounding
When to Use Rounding
Resulting Indicators

Operation Codes - MOVE and MOVEL

MOVE Operation Code
MOVEL Operation Code

Operation Codes – Arithmetic, Constants, Date and Time


  • Z-ADD

Figurative Constants
Date and Time Functions

RPG/400 Coding Mastery Test

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