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Introduction to Integrated Language Environment (ILE)


4 hours


The Integrated Language Environment course explains the concepts, structure, and benefits of the Integrated Language Environment (ILE). It describes how the iSeries enables the use of different programming languages, and how programs can be linked together into one optimized program by using ILE.


Personnel requiring knowledge of the Integrated Language Environment (ILE); this course covers ILE concepts, coding and designing ILE programs, and ILE language enhancements


Knowledge of programming concepts and the OS/400 operating system


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Identify the benefits and evolution of ILE
  • Define the design aspects of ILE, including the structure and characteristics of an ILE program
  • Identify changes to the ILE compilers

Course Content

Introduction to ILE

What is ILE?
ILE Benefits
History of ILE
Characteristics of Procedure Based Languages

Coding and Designing Overview

Structure and Characteristics of an ILE Program
Service Programs
Binding Directories
The Binder
Calls to Programs and Procedures
Activation Groups

Language Enhancements

Changes to the ILE Compilers
ILE C/400

ILE RPG Fundamentals

Indicator Variables
Indicators as Data Structures
Elimination of I/O Indicators
Compiler Options in H Spec
Variable Length Character Variables
Other Minor Changes

Integrated Language Environment Mastery Test

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