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IBM MQ Curriculum

Course Title Duration Description
IBM MQ - Introduction to IBM MQ
4 This course provides the learner with basic information about IBM MQ, initially describing how it is used and then branching out discussing its features. A detailed breakdown on IBM MQ components and their structure are provided, providing you with an overview on how it could be configured in your environment. Finally, the use of IBM MQ in a z/OS environment is covered with details on how it differs from other platforms.
IBM MQ - MQ Operations and Administration
6 This course begins by describing IBM MQ, and its common deployment options, and then is expanded to show how an IBM MQ queue manager is created. Various commands used to interact with MQ components are discussed throughout the remaining content, showing how definitions are created and displayed, and modifications that can be made to them. A focus on the security of MQ resources and authentication required to access them, is also presented.
IBM MQ - MQ Operations and Administration for z/OS
4 This course looks at the differences between traditional MQ, and how it is implemented and run in a z/OS environment. It discusses the use of z/OS datasets and files that need to be created as well as the procedures used to enable MQ in z/OS. You will see how traditional MQ commands map to z/OS, and how MQ resources are managed using z/OS online facilities and batch utilities. Security for MQ resources on z/OS is examined along with tools and utilities used for monitoring aspects of MQ performance.
IBM MQ - MQ for Application Programmers
4 This course begins by identifying the basic programming code used by applications to interact with IBM MQ. It describes the MQ messaging process and then delves more heavily into the commands that can be used to get and put MQ messages, and manage MQ objects. Details on programming with MQ in a z/OS environment is provided, explaining core differences when using that platform.
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