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CA SYSVIEW Performance Management Administration and Security


5 hours


The CA SYSVIEW® Performance Management Administration and Security course introduces the use and administration of CA SYSVIEW PM. It describes system, MQseries, and CICS monitors and their uses, and the various logging collection and interface tasks. It also explains how security is defined for administrators, groups, and users.


Systems programmers, operators, and performance management personnel who want to use CA-SYSVIEW more efficiently


Knowledge of the use of TSO, ISPF, MVS operating systems, and the concepts of performance management


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Identify how CA-SYSVIEW is administered
  • Identify how CA-SYSVIEW security is implemented
  • Define CA-SYSVIEW security

Course Content

CA-SYSVIEW Main Services

The Event Scheduler
The Job and Output Tasks
SMF and MVS Data Collection Tasks
The VTAM Application Monitor
CICS and IMS Data Logging Tasks

CA-SYSVIEW User Interfaces

The Event Capture Task
The VTAM User Interface Task
The CICS User Interface Task

CICS Monitors and Utilities

CICS Data Collection
CICS Parameters
MQS Subtasks
CICS Commands and Displays
CICS Toolkit

IMS and MQSeries Monitors and Utilities

IMS Data Collection
IMS Parameters
IMS Commands and Displays
MQSeries Data Collection
MQSeries Parameters
MQSeries Commands and Displays


Security Overview
Security Implementation
Security Administrators
Security Groups
Security Profiles
Security Displays
The Security Exit

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