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Company Profile

Interskill Learning develops and supports the global Mainframe Computing Industry’s only comprehensive curriculum of self-paced e-learning!

Our learning designs are informed by contemporary learning theory and are interactive, contextualised and responsive to diverse learning styles. We believe in immersing learners in relevant authentic activities designed to motivate, engage, and produce quantifiable change.

Since 1991, across a global client base of over 1,500 companies, we have proven our expertise at developing and delivering training solutions that form the backbone of our clients' employee training on these mission critical systems.


For over 25 years, the Interskill name has been a recognised leader in technology based training for the mainframe computing industry.

  • Development of an MVS Console Simulator begins in Melbourne Australia.
    Later addition of Computer Based Training (CBT) courses on MVS, JCL, JES2 and TSO/ISPF made our first commercial product.
  • EMEA office opens in Manchester, UK based on interest from a number of major European Banks
    ⚬ Expansion of Mainframe Systems curriculum
    ⚬ Mainframe Application Development Programming curriculum added
    ⚬ VSE Curriculum added
  • Americas office opens in Orange County, CA based on interest from US mainframe organisations and mainframe user groups
    ⚬ Expansion of existing mainframe curriculum
    ⚬ AS400 Curriculum added
  • Headquarters office opens in Alpharetta Georgia
    100 mainframe CBT courses available
  • Y2K concerns drives significant investment in mainframe training globally.
    140 mainframe CBT courses available!
  • Web deployed, mainframe e-learning curriculum launched worldwide!
    ⚬ 150 mainframe e-learning courses available
  • Rebranded as Ajilon Learning, part of the Adecco group of companies
    ⚬ 170 mainframe e-learning courses available
    ⚬ Mainframe skills assessments added
  • Returned to the Interskill Learning name as a privately owned corporation.
    Named a CA Training Partner.
    ⚬ 180 mainframe e-learning courses available
  • Key speaker on the topic of “Mainframe Workforce Education” at the esteemed Enterprise Computing Community Conference sponsored by the National Science Foundation.
  • Web-based “MyInterskill” Learning Management System launched.
    ⚬ 190 mainframe e-learning courses available
    ⚬ Innovative Class & Webinar Developer (CWD) product added
  • Passed the 1 million mainframers rrained milestone! Named an IBM Training Partner via the Arrow Global Training Alliance.
    ⚬ 200 mainframe e-learning courses available
  • IBM recognizes Interskill’s mainframe training pedigree & offers 30, IBM Credentialed, z Mainframe ‘Badges’ for Interskill course curricula completions, creating a new benchmark for z Systems Mainframe Knowledge and Skills in the global Mainframe Computing Industry!

  • With 260,000 hours of IBM Z Mainframe training delivered over the previous 12 months, Interskill’s elearning is now the world’s MOST delivered Z Mainframe training!
    ⚬ 220 Mainframe elearning courses available
  • Interskill releases two innovative new mainframe workforce training components: ⚬ Mainframe Training Sandbox Exercises that run on your own mainframe
    ⚬ Mainframe Coaching and Mentoring Toolbox to create in-house Bootcamps
    ⚬ Interskill COO, Darren Surch named an IBM Champion.