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Mainframe Coaching & Mentoring - Class & Webinar Developer

Quickly and Simply Develop In-house Mainframe Classes and Webinars

THIS TOOL provides your mainframe Coaches and Mentors with an extensive resource of in-house mainframe Classroom courses or Webinars, available as prepopulated, ready-to-use PowerPoint decks. Each prepopulated, ready-to-use PowerPoint deck comes with simple, step-by-step tips and procedures for customizing, scheduling and presenting the information in your in-house class or webinar.

Mainframe Coaches and Mentors simply fill in the designated gaps in the mainframe training content with your organization’s specific processes, procedures, standards and practices and they have a mainframe class or webinar that’s ready to deliver and will “WOW” the attendees!

These classes and webinars, teamed with Interskill’s mainframe e-learning courses, provide your organization with an ongoing mainframe training resource of unmatched effectiveness and relevance!

Archive Decades of Priceless Knowledge and Experience

One of the most valuable assets in your mainframe organization is the decades of knowledge and experience locked inside the minds of your senior mainframe personnel. It is an onerous task for senior mainframers to document this knowledge and even more difficult to put it in a format that can be used for ongoing training. The Class & Webinar Developer is the solution!

Interactivity and Direct, Personal Links to Mentoring Opportunities

Having your senior mainframers and SMEs host these webinars gives them the opportunity to form ongoing mentoring relationships with your other mainframe personnel.

Mainframe Coaching and Mentoring Toolbox

Ultra-Low Cost Mainframe Training

As this training utilizes your existing mainframe e-learning curriculum and requires minimal development time and effort from your senior mainframe personnel, the cost for this expansive resource of organization system specific mainframe training is almost ZERO!