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Mainframe Coaching and Mentoring – Enhanced Learning Pathways

THIS TOOL offers a broad array of enhanced learning pathways that outline blended learning, mainframe training initiatives for optimal mainframe training outcomes!

Mainframe coaches, mentors and managers will use these Enhanced Learning Pathways to target their team’s, group’s or individual personnel’s specific mainframe training needs, utilizing the broad array of mainframe training components available. These mainframe training components work in concert to provide optimal mainframe training outcomes!

Enhanced Learning Pathways

Customized Mainframe Bootcamps

GET CREATIVE: select and combine a number of Enhanced Learning Pathways to create a multi-week, Mainframe Bootcamp specially tailored to your organization’s exact mainframe new-hire training needs! Why pay tens of thousands of dollars to train your new hire mainframers when you can achieve better results for 80% LESS?!

Enhanced Learning Pathways